Class MinLCD


public class MinLCD
extends Object

Only the most basic APIs from LCD.

Method Summary
static void refresh()
          Refreshes LCD.
static void setNumber(int aCode, int aValue, int aPoint)
          Sets a number to be displayed in the LCD.
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Method Detail


public static void setNumber(int aCode,
                             int aValue,
                             int aPoint)
Sets a number to be displayed in the LCD. It does not show up until refresh() is called.
aCode - SIGNED=0x3001, PROGRAM=0x3017, UNSIGNED=0x301f
aValue - The value to be displayed.
aPoint - 0x3002 - 0x3005, indicating decimal point location.


public static void refresh()
Refreshes LCD. Has to be called for certain LCD methods to take effect.